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Cloud Business Transformation

Partner business models have evolved from project-based services to repeatable services and IP. Based on this evolution, partners should consider investing to provide managed services and marketing investment to acquire more customers.

Shift happens! The world is moving to The Cloud$.
To increase your revenue blend to more profitable services, you need to make intentional decisions to shift.

Customers are looking for a safe pair of hands

The Cloud is a $28 billion worldwide business already. Partners can attain 28% NEW customers in the first year of Cloud selling and with higher service level margins.

Understanding your cloud threat and opportunity

What are the payoffs and what are the costs (risk and organisationally)? How do the competitive realities of your segment and its geography impact your Cloud priorities?

Identifying and Creating your Cloud Solutions

What are your core competencies and how can you leverage your existing skills?
(This should inform and prioritise managed services opportunities).

Aligning & refining your marketing strategy

Understand your value proposition and offerings to your customers. Match your existing skills to cloud offerings to increase your margin.

The right Growth Strategy for your business is critical. It requires intentional decisions from the leadership team and consistent communication to the business to execute.

Comprehensive business review covering plans, performance, prospects and people to reignite your business and achieve a double growth mentality.

Identification of market share gain strategies with executive level reports and presentations to support decisions or investments.

Delivering competitive insights on what the numbers are and why the numbers are the numbers? Analysis of competitor strengths, weakness and threats.

Business leader mentoring to inspire and connect with customers, staff and influencers. Communicate a compelling vision for your organisation and clients.

SMART Marketing is talking to the right person in the language they understand, in the way that they listen about something they value. The rest is just noise.

Increased Profitability

There’s no time for amateur hour when it comes to powering your business with the best ideas, techniques, and tools. Identifying your core customers and competencies and how they can best be leveraged is the key.

Acquire New Customers & Increase Lifetime Value

Increase customer lifetime value with strategic thinking and execution planning. Securing new customers in a changing economic climate. Taking competitive market share using connected sales and innovative routes to market.


Realise results from your innovative product potential with assistance in development, market validation, compliance with industry standards and early sales. Practical guidance to tackle hurdles and build valuable networks.

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More about Martin Gregory

After a successful 22 year international leadership career with Microsoft, Martin works with organisations to help them develop and refine their business strategy through to execution excellence and their marketing messaging to tangible results.

Drawing on his extensive technology industry experience, Gregory works as a strategy consultant with organisations in start up phase and as a mentor to established businesses looking to reignite growth.